? The greenhouse report continues from Monday: the first crops were planted yesterday!

In this view, Nadia Begin inspects the recently installed membrane from the greenhouse interior. Three planter boxes are prepared currently. A fourth planting area will be constructed at the ground level on the far left.

? With the seeds and seedlings spread out and a plan drawn up, the planting team, lead by Bambú Ransom, got dirty. Our soil is comprised of: one part silt, two parts compost, with added peat moss in the top layer.

? Workshop participants Cara Pirello, Astrid Sonne, Daniel Reiff, and Kirsten Lynge planted the chard and lettuce area with a rotation for timed harvest in mind.

Jeff Buderer planted dill seeds among strawberry seedlings.

? In the future crop are cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, and more. Tomatoes were planted with marigolds to help prevent leafhoppers and borage to stop tomato worm. Many small loquat trees are currently stored in the greenhouse, but will be soon planted around site.

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