? We continue the report from 12/30/09, ‘last year’, about construction on the heat duct tunnel.
The crew has installed heavy steel cross beams to hold a form for the extension of the roof of the upper part of the tunnel.

? The forms are difficult to balance and secure, as the floor is still raw bedrock.
This installation is a good lesson for the workshop participants on this crew.

? Plywood sheets are placed above the steel support beams. Now this form awaits rebar [steel reinforcement] before concrete is poured.

? On 11/11/09 we reported on a pour of the low retaining walls that will carry the side walls of the heat duct tunnel coming up the slope.
The retaining walls have cured and in this photo the crew started to install wooden forms for the outer part of the walls.

We will continue this report on 1/6/10.

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