? This continues the March 17. 2010 report about construction of the heat duct tunnel.
Concrete walls have been completed down to the level below the foot bridge to the pool. In the last posting we saw images of a concrete pour for footings at this level. Wall forms are being installed on top of those footings and between same footings the crew prepares for a floor slab.

? With the large addition of workshop participants, many hands help with this concrete pour.

? The mixed, very heavy concrete is transported in wheel barrows to the pool foot bridge and moved down a shoot right into the prepared form for the floor slab.

? This images explains the location of the work area right below the S.O.D. Office Building. We can see activity at the top of the tunnel, finishing of the floor slab and preparation of a large wall form.

? The crew at the top of the tunnel is working on the rebar extensions.

More about this on 4/7/2010.

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