? This continues our report from 4/5/2010 about the construction of a heat duct tunnel.

Long rebar extensions were left sticking straight up from the concrete walls. Some muscle and finesse is applied to bend the rebar just the right way.

? The rebar is then covered with PVC pipe.
The succession of domed pipes will support a clear acrylic cover sheet.
[right photo] Looking down onto the heat duct tunnel site from the roof of the S.O.D. Soleri Office building, we see part of the crew right below the baby pool.

? Here formwork is in process for another section of the west tunnel wall.

? Concrete was poured and vibrated and finished from the top of the wall.

? The next step is a roof section for the tunnel, just a step down from the pool deck.

? Some of the heavy support beams for the roof formwork were installed.
This report continues on 4/9/2010.

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