? The Italian edition of Professor Iolanda Lima’s new book on sustainable architecture is ready.
The book will be officially presented to the public at Milan’s Triennale on June 18th 2010, with several professors from Milan Polytechnic and other universities.

? The book was written in Honor of Paolo Soleri, published by Jaca Books.
It is about many architects work, (not just Paolo’s), all of them contributed to this initiative to honor Paolo Soleri.
The book will include the whole SOLARE Quaderno no.9, and Young Soo Kim’s latest 3-D Renderings of Lean Linear.

? The book includes work from the following architects:
Maria Bottero, Politecnico di Milano
Maria Antonietta Crippa, Politecnico di Milano
Antonietta Iolanda Lima, Univerista di Palermo
Francesco Moschini, Politecnico di Bari
Giovanni Puglisi, IULM Milano
Gianni Scudo, Politecnico di Milano.

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