? Welcome to the March 2010 Workshop participants

Back: Kevin Stevenson, Dan Moran, Jonathan Robitaille, Patrick Delulis, Jarred Jackson, Jeremy Couto, Andrew Ferri, Matthieu Guiot from France, Adam McCarthy, Andrew Wheeler, Jovan Tanasijevic

Middle Back: Marcia Sailor [seminar week], George Gowen, Scott Daniels, John Yu, Lindsay Seligman, Jacob Mushlin [seminar week], Ariana Deignan-Kosmi [seminar week], Samantha Tapia

Middle Front: Megan Rogoff, Tyler Wilcox, Joseph LoCoco, Daniel Mulvey, Robert Martin, David Tarby

Front: Matthew Smith, Scott Morgan, Jessica Corbett, Nunzia DiMolfetta from Italy, Takako Sugiyama from Japan [4 weeks], Angela Sicilia from Italy, John Fennell, Joseph DiLorenzo

Not Pictured: Craig Capano [seminar week]

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