? Congratulations to the March 2010 Workshop participants upon their graduation:
Back: Dan Moran, Scott Morgan, Jarred Jackson, John Fennell, Andrew Ferri, Matthieu Guiot and Patrick Deiulis.
Middle Back: Joe LoCoco, David Tarby, Kevin Stevenson, Tyler Wilcox, Dan Mulvey, workshop coordinator Melanie Husband, Adam McCarthy, Scott Daniels, Jeremy Couto, Nunzia DiMolfetta, John Yu, Angela Sicilia and Sammy Tapia.
Middle Front: Andrew Wheeler, Bobby Martin, Wes Gowen, Joe DiLorenzo, Jessica Corbett, Ariana Deignan-Kosmides and Lindsay Seligman.
Front: Matt Smith, Jonny Robitaille and Megan Rogoff.

? Workshop graduates Kevin Stevenson and Andrew Ferri from Wentworth College.

? Workshop graduates Angela Sicilia and Nunzia DiMolfetta came from Italy.

? Kevin Stevenson worked with metal shop teacher Brent Scott.

[The upcoming report for Wednesday, April 14. 2010 will talk about the welding project of this group].

? A workshop evaluation takes place on the last day of each workshop.

A lot of work was accomplished during the last 4 weeks, many thanks to everyone, especially to the group from Wentworth College.

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