? We continue our report from 5/7/2010.

Carving of the design is complete and the silt form for the planter is ready for concrete.

? Structural reinforcement is still visible in the early stages of the concrete pour.
This artistic but functional project has generated a lot of interest. Spectators and photographers are out in force.

? Concrete is applied very carefully. It must be mixed to the right consistency to fit into the carved silt mold without damaging the design.

? A lot of hard work and many helpers. You will notice that one of the photographers is now down in the planter with a shovel.

? The concrete has been carefully built up and Roger and Ron are finishing the rim of the planter, while Brian is smoothing and leveling the interior surface.

We will complete this report on Friday, May 14. 2010 with the unveiling of the planter.

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