? Continuing the report from 5/12/2010.

At this point, the smooth interior surface is the only part of the planter that is visible. The concrete is allowed to set or “cure” for about ten days.

? The silt mold is ready to be removed from the exterior of the planter.

? Landscaping manager Ron Chandler is digging out the mold, revealing the previously carved design in relief.

? The last bits of clinging silt are washed away.
The simple but sculptural design is uncovered, displaying all of its variations in texture and color.

? The next day, Ron Chandler and his crew member skillfully transplant the new occupant of the planter.

? The planter is finished.
The pomegranate tree has a beautiful new home and Arcosanti gains another effective demonstration and example of silt-cast concrete, improving the landscape.

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