? This continues our report about a group of students from the Kansas City Art Institute from 1/11/10.
The group visits Arcosanti for a short intensive program in Art and Science.
Arcosanti alumnus Russel Ferguson, now an instructor at KCAI, teaches the Art side of the course, while Cosanti Foundation staff Roger Tomalty teaches science.

? The science class is in Environmental Science, Climatology and Topographic Studies.
Some of the main projects are
1. Setting up Weather Stations around the site.

? 2. Construction of a small, diagonally rising tunnel to test temperatures at top and bottom, as well as air velocity, sun and wind factors.
3. Studying functions of the camp greenhouse and replacing it’s membrane.
4. Sowing the main field below Arcosanti with oats, as shown in all three photos.
We continue this report on 1/18/10 with more activities of the KCAI group.

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