? On Sunday, February 14th, the 2010 Annual Resident Art Show opened in the early afternoon. Many visitors stopped by Arcosanti during the long holiday weekend and had an opportunity to view our display. We provided light refreshments, wine, and music for the event.

Among many other artists, Sammie Tapia presented her oil paintings of the local environment.

? Artists from Cosanti also joined our show, pictured here is work by Maria Soleri and Katharine Simpson.

? Pastel paintings by Colleen Reckow and sculpture by Cliff Hersted returned again this year.

? Landscape photographs by David DeGomez.

? To celebrate Valentines Day, community members decorated the café with paper roses while enjoying the music and conversation.

? It was argued that “everyone should have a chandelier,” after the installation of a new lighted fixture above the café bar seating (also an element of the art show created by Astrid Sonne and Kirsten Lynge).

Meanwhile, Pete spun a mix of Jazz, the Beatles, and light music for the afternoon.

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