? On Saturday May 8. 2010, residents, volunteers and workshop participants got together for a baby shower. The expectant parents are Colleen Reckow and Andy Chao.

? Colleen came for her workshop in January 2008 and has worked in the Ceramics studio, in the Soleri Archives where she is very much missed, and now works part-time in the Visitors Center – Gallery.
Andy came for his workshop in February 2007 and now manages the Arcosanti bronze foundry.

There was a pot-luck with lots of tasty dishes.

? There were games, like guessing the size of Colleen’s belly, how many tiny plastic babies in a jar, tasting and guessing a variety of baby foods and there is a pool for the date of birth.

? The ceremonial opening of gifts was one of the main events.

? There was a garden cart load of presents and MANY MANY GOOD WISHES for Colleen and Andy!

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