? We continue our report about the Kansas City Art Institute students from 1/18/10.
During their two week stay, the group visited the Soleri Archives three times and was able to view a variety of Paolo Soleri’s work, with much discussion about method and execution.

Instructor Russel Ferguson:
“KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE is somewhat different from other schools, first in that it is an institute aligned with a School of Design and not a school.
From the first day students are treated with all the respect and responsibilities contingent upon Artists/Fabricators/Craftsmen and women”.

? Instructor Russel Ferguson:
“KCAI is generally opposed to lectureship as a delivery method. Learning by doing, execution of demonstrable proofs are by words in a method that is both heuristic and holistic”.
This report continues on 1/22/10 with photos of a show of the students work accomplished during their stay at Arcosanti, and more from Russel Ferguson.

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