? This continues our report from 7/19/2010 about the construction of a large wall on the east side of the metal shop. This massive wall will shore up the site for a new water tank.

The photos in this report are from the beginning of June and part of the construction crew here are workshop participants from the May workshop.

The concrete retaining wall has cured and the crew prepared the form for the first stage of the wall that will be placed on top of the retaining wall.
Again, the workshop participants were guided through all of the stages of preparing and securing concrete formwork and steel reinforcement.

? An artificial deck was put in place, level with the top of the wooden wall form.

? The concrete was mixed at the Arcosanti batch plant and moved with our ancient trusty concrete truck to the parking lot above the worksite.

? From there the concrete was moved …

? … by a relay of wheelbarrows down the steep slope …

? …. and poured into the deep form.

? Perhaps the photos convey a little of the excitement of a large crew working hand in hand on all of the different aspects of a concrete pour of this size, moving the wheelbarrows, keeping the ramp and deck clean, keeping the tools clean, taking care of spillage right away, everyone at their task made this a smooth operation.

? The depth of the form made it very important to slowly vibrate the concrete into even distribution.
We continue this report on 7/23/10.

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