? Continuing our report on the greenhouse construction: A lot of progress has been made since our last report in December, with the help of the new workshop and construction team.

The frame is entirely in place, as shown in this first photo.

Next, work began on the large planter boxes.

? Leaving only one end of each planter box open, the team can easily fill the boxes with wheelbarrows. They are transferring aggregate, soil, and compost from the truck to the planters.

? Pictured here is a closer view of that process as well as the workshop members involved.

? Aggregate was collected near the greenhouse to line the bottom for drainage.

Processed compost was sifted and collected from the agriculture department.

? The compost will be mixed with soil and added to the planters in preparation for growing food in the greenhouse. But first, the boxes were lined with plastic. In the near future we will report on the greenhouse membrane installation and further progress.

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