? Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching

The one-week course was offered to individuals who had already earned a permaculture design course certificate and were now interested in teaching. Students learned different techniques to teach the concepts of permaculture and how to implement these ideas in a variety of settings. Arcosanti hosted the group of fifteen, providing guest room accommodations, meeting space, meals for the week, and a gorgeous setting.

Top row: Dillon Naber from Cottage Grove, Oregon, Bryce H. Ruddock from South Milwaukee, WI, Les Mitchell from Lancing, UK, Ron Nowicki from Downers Grove, IL, Tom McDonald from Gold Canyon, AZ.

Middle row: Sharon Ferguson from Anchorage, Alaska, Bill Wilson from Stelle, IL and Gloria Haswell from Floresville, TX.

Bottom row: Andrew Millison from Corvallis, OR [Andy is an Arcosanti alumnus], Jude Hobbs from Cottage Grove, OR, Deb Burman from Moscow, Idaho, Kirsten Isakson from Forest Grove, OR, Seaheart from Waldport, OR, Paul B. Range from Floresville, TX and Wayne Weiseman from Cabondale, IL.

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