? [photo: Rosalinda and Jadae Johnson]
During the past week-end the Arcosanti site came alive with the “joyful sounds” of blues, reggae and rock-n-roll.
This was the 12th year that Milt Cannon organized the JUNETEENTH event here at Arcosanti.
Saturday started with a fiery dedication by Rev. Michael Cannon and gospel songs by Rosalinda and Jadae Johnson.

? Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS.

The MILT CANNON QUARTET with Albert Sarko on piano, Wayne Jones on bass, excellent drummer Randy Carter, and event organizer Milt Cannon.

? The CUNNINGHAM DUO graced this event for the fifth year with performances on Saturday and on Sunday.

? Reggae band HENRY TURNER JR. & FLAVOR have been part of this festival from it’s very beginning.
This years band members are Henry Turner Jr. on guitar and vocals, Kenneth Campbell on keyboard, Danny Odudua on drums, James Turner, guitar and RasWayne, vocals, and the awesome Ronnie Huston on drums.

? As every past year, the limbo dance was the highlight for kids of all ages.
With this reggae band something mysterious happens to peoples feet.

? AISHIA was replaced by the DENISE ALLEN BAND, with Denise Allen on vocals, Sylvan Iancao on Bass guitar, Zach Parker on drums, Ricky Henderson on lead guitar and guest Nachama Greenwald on harmonica.

? Husain Abdul-Alim of Spiritwood has been part of this festival every year with his beautiful hand carved wooden masks and a great selection of hand made jewelry, hats, eclectic clothing, incense and more.

? Totally ‘awesome’ barbecue by “GEORGE” and family.

? The CUNNINGHAMS during Sunday’s performance.

? HENRY TURNER & FLAVOR played Saturday Night and Sunday Night in the Vaults. Awesome dance parties.

As in the past, this years JUNETEENTH combined good music, a very interesting art show, good food, lovely people and a mellow atmosphere.

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