? Improvements are underway around the back of the Ceramics Apse. With the help of the previous workshop our landscaping department set pavers around the base of the apse, but now they are creating concrete panels for the project’s next step.

The panels are created using the silt-cast technique. Landscaping crewmember Brian Fritz led volunteers Mike Kelliher and Ikue Saitou in construction of the formwork. Silt, a fine sand and clay mixture, is sifted and prepared to provide a base for the panel.

? Design impressions can be made into the silt or left plain. In either case, the silt-cast side is exposed when the panel is lifted into place and the remaining silt leaves color and texture on the concrete. Here the prepared formwork with steel reinforcement bars awaits the concrete pour.

? Participants of the current Workshop joined our landscaping crew to help pour the panel.

? A simple wooden board was used to smooth the top of the concrete.

? After it cured, this panel was tilted up to align with the existing walls behind it. Most of the silt will be brushed off or washed away, but some will remain. Formwork for the next panel is already in progress and we will report more on this in the near future.

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