? On Saturday, April 24., the event season of 2010 started with the 13th annual Arizona Vivaldi Festival at Arcosanti with an evening of opera, dance, and art in the Colly Soleri Music Center.
This year, the Festival highlighted soprano Eileen Mager, Terpsicore Dance Company, and Dulce Dance Company performing Vivaldi classics along with other works from the composer’s time.
Eileen Mager. Concert artist/actress Eileen Mager made her debut as a recitalist in Chicago and has been performing solo recitals in Arizona for the past sixteen years. She has appeared as featured soloist with Cantemus, the Desert Foothills Choral Foundation, in many Phoenix venues, and is soloist for Christ Episcopal Church in Carefree. Her repertoire is very broad, ranging from opera to jazz, Broadway to folk, classical religious works to spirituals and gospel. Her performances have included works of more than 80 composers and she has sung in 15 languages.

? Terpsicore Dance Company was founded on the motivation of combining the beauty of line, technique of ballet, and the freedom of modern dance movement.
“Terpsichore,” the Greek goddess of dance is the inspiration, with a change in spelling to illustrate how Terpsicore dancers perform from the core of their physical being and soul.
Terpsicore is a contemporary ballet company that recognizes the influence and incorporates the human expression of modern dance. It works to bridge the gap between the two forms of movement to create a fusion of innovative and forward thinking performances. The intent is not only to inspire existing dance audiences, but to draw in future lovers of dance.

? Dulce Dance Company is a contemporary modern dance company that emphasizes technical artistic expression. Its mission is to choreograph and perform ideas, emotions, and stories through dance; to instill the passion of dance in each and every member of our audience by performing interesting, athletic, passionate, and provocative movements of inspiration; and to enrich our community through the timeless universal language of dance.

? As last year, Painter Jim Covarrubias added sparkle to the evening with the creation of a new work of art live on stage during the performance. The painting was auctioned off at the end of the show.
Jim Covarrubias is well known and respected in the Scottsdale art scene and Phoenix’s downtown SoHo district.
Many of his murals decorate walls and buildings throughout the Valley.
Covarrubias’ performances are a culmination of years of painting, studying art, and developing audience experience.
The Hispanic artist is also a world traveler, studying in Paris and other European cities, as well as traveling regularly art shows in the U.S.

? The event started with a complementary tour of Arcosanti and a delicious dinner in the Arcosanti cafe.
The Dinner menu included Sweet Corn and Red Pepper Chowder, Venetian Fish Fillets or Spaghetti Squash Casserole, Potato and Celery Puree, Lemon-seasoned Asparagus, Radicchio Spinach Salad topped with pancetta and pine nuts, followed by Raspberry Bars with vanilla ice cream for dessert.
It was a lovely event, freezing temperatures from the night before graciously rose back up to make it a comfortable outdoor evening.

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