? We continue our report about the Kansas City Art Institute students from 1/20/10.
The KCAI students concluded their visit to Arcosanti with an art show. Visitors and residents had a chance to view the drawings they produced here and meet the individual artists.

? According to instructor Russel Ferguson, “Drawing for KCAI might be distinguished by its respect for function. A drawing is made to understand or to persuade. Consequently the lines and marks might be said to have the same responsibility, i.e. function.”

? Russel Ferguson: “Each student has produced a suite of Drawings in response to Edifices, Buildings and in response to daily propositions. Each suite might be seen as a series of questions about existence in and around parts of the circle. We all know from Kurosawa the circle is the glyph for community.”

? Participants in this program:

Bena, Jeremy
—Freshman in Foundation
Brumback, Adam
—Sophomore in Photography, —Digital & Film
Catto, Patty
—English, Liberal Arts
Drumwright, Marc
—Sophomore in Ceramics
Fernandez, Lindsay
—Freshman in Foundation
Gallucci, Madeline
—Sophomore in Print

Ginzburg, Brett—Freshman in Foundation
Grimm, Joey—Senior in Sculpture
Hansen, Justin—Sophomore in Sculpture
Hsu, Brooke—Senior in Painting
Johnson, Jordan—Senior in Sculpture
Kamerer, Anna—Senior in Sculpture
Lawrence, Ryan—Senior in Printmaking
Lenger, Amos—Senior in Printmaking
Loesce, Stewart—Graduate Massier in Interdisciplinary
Loiselle, Sophie—Freshman in Foundation
Lyles, Andrew—Senior in Painting
Meier, Will—Freshman in Foundation
Mersmann, Joel—Senior in Sculpture
McConnell, Mike—Freshman in Foundation
Paradise, Sydney—Senior in Sculpture
Philips, Alex—Senior in Painting
Ross, Cydney—Freshman in Foundation
Rosenblatt, Ryan—Junior in CCA, Film
Schooler, Aida—Freshman in Foundation
Tellini, Sal—Sophomore in Sculpture

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