? We last reported on construction of the heat duct tunnel on 4/9/2010. Work has progressed at a steady pace.

The wooden formwork has been covered with insulation and steel reinforcement bars and is ready for concrete to be poured.

? The concrete was ordered in and the crew prepared a ramp from the concrete truck…

? …to the slab right next to the pool, which is also the next roof section of the heat duct tunnel.

? This pour took place on 4/8/10, with the help of quite a few students from Wentworth College in Boston.

? In the left photo we can see the work area in location below the S.O.D. Office Building.

And in the right, Wentworth students are working with Arcosanti construction staff.

? The slab is finished…

? …and adds a lot of space to the area around the pool, especially the baby pool. It is now part of the heat duct tunnel roof structure and also a new pool entrance.

Once connected to the greenhouse, the tunnel will provide supplemental winter heating to residential spaces through the chimney effect. Hot air produced inside the greenhouse will rise through the tunnel and radiate heat into thermal mass (concrete) to help cut down our energy use.

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