Our web-masters, Laurence Chave and Frederic Michaud from Switzerland, are nearing the end of their work-visit and have designed a fabulous new website for Arcosanti.

The website launch is still several weeks away but training for the new users has already started. Laurence and Frederic presented a training session in content creation and management on Friday, August 6 and will be available for questions for several more days before they leave us.

Laurence and Frederic are alumni, first introduced in the August 4. 2010 entry for today@Arcosanti, and attended the April 12. 2009 workshop.

Thank you Laurence and Frederic!

Meeting participants [from left] Anita Baker [Soleri archives], Laurence Chave and Frederic Michaud, Mark Pearce [web master], Travis Neal [network administrator] and in the foreground Tomiaki Tamura [Cosanti Foundation Director], also Sue Kirsch, taking the photo [Soleri archives].

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