For some years now discussions and plans have come and gone, have been revived and changed, about a new Highway interchange at Cordes Junction. Some of the later part of the discussions and exploration have included an invitation to Paolo Soleri to come up with decorative designs for some of the planned bridge abutments and bridge panels.

And it looks like things are finally happening, construction is schedule to start in January – February 2011.

Last week, an ‘Arcosanti Aesthetics meeting’ was called by VASTCO/SUNDT, the construction company that has been awarded the contract of constructing the new interchange of Highway 17 [Phoenix to Flagstaff] and Hwy 69 [Cordes Junction to Prescott] at Cordes Junction.

The meeting took place at Arcosanti with Paolo Soleri and Cosanti Foundation staff Roger Tomalty, Mary Hoadley and Tomiaki Tamura, with a second meeting scheduled at Cosanti. Under discussion is possible silt work with Soleri designs.

Tomiaki Tamura reports, that among other things, seven bridges are planned, as well as the lowering of the freeway by 10 feet.

Participants at the meeting were
Greg Gentsch, ADOT – Prescott District Engineer
Alvin Stump, ADOT – Precott District
George Wallace, ADOT – Project Manager
Jermaine Hannon, FHWA
Lee Busenbark, HDR – Roadway Design
Jim Christensen – HDR – Consultaqnt Project Manager
Hedy Bagherpour – Vastco/Sundt
Brent Freeman – Vastco/Sundt
Steve Schmitt – Vastco/Sundt
Ed Van Beek – Vastco/Sundt
Joseph Saledad – ADOT – Roads IDF

We will continue this report when news warrants it.

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