This is the continued report of Workshop participant and architecture student Marina Sapunova from Russia. Marina received a grant from UC Berkeley to come to Arcosanti.

The next evening the Foundry organized a night bronze pouring. We saw it once during the day, but it couldn’t compete with what we saw at night. They poured bronze in total silence with very quiet nice background music. It seems to be impossible to turn such a hard and complicated process into a romantic evening. But they did.

There were also two times during the past weeks when we had a chance to try our talents for creating something by hand. First we had a Silt Cast Workshop, where we did plaster tiles. The process took us no more than an hour but gave us a lot of fun. All we had to do was to create a silt basis with (negative) relief, paint it with colors and then pour plaster on it. When it became dry we washed our tiles and got a funny handmade tile.

And then on Monday Rebecca and Brian taught us how to work with ceramic bells on the Ceramic Bell Carving Workshop. We’ve got two bells, one to try different techniques of carving and then the finished one, which would be fired next week in a kiln. We are excited to see what will come out of it.

That’s one of the most amazing things about Arcosanti, that we always mix work and rest, so the days go very fast and are never the same. But you still have enough time for everything.

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