Today is my last day of the workshop and at Arcosanti. Last three weeks I was working at the Archives. The Soleri Archives is the department that keeps Paolo Soleri’s history. There are his scrolls, drawings, sketches, photos, books and everything that somehow relates to Paolo Soleri here.

On one of my first days I had a tour with Sue here to see how the Archives system works. Everything has a certain number and special conditions for keeping it. Then Anita showed me how to label the press materials about Paolo Soleri or his works, and how to work with the bibliography database. So I started to work. During my three weeks I was responsible for Today Arcosanti Blog that was very fun and interesting for me. Then I worked with zoning and planning documents of Arcosanti (dated 1960-1980) and put them into a digital database. And also I added to the database some publications in Russian about Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti and Archology. 

During these weeks Sue and Anita were preparing materials for exhibition and I was surprised about the process, how scrupulous it was. They assessed Paolo Soleri’s scrolls, meter by meter and located damages (measured and drew them). So the museum then would have the whole notion about everything. And David was working with printed materials, so the colors of printed scroll now look like the original one. And they have special boxes for every drawing and special wrappings, and maybe these are usual things but I learned about them for the first time. 

I saw an archives work from the inside, and I was really surprised about the scale and importance of what they are doing for keeping the history and knowledge. Thank you! 



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