The 29th Annual Colly Concert was held at the Colly Soleri Music Center Amphitheater on Saturday, September 4.

This event honors the memory of  Colly Woods Soleri, Paolo Soleri’s wife. Together, they founded the Cosanti Foundation whose major project has been the building of Arcosanti. Colly was an avid supporter of art and cultural events here during her lifetime and the tradition has carried on through the Colly Soleri Music Center’s Concert Season, which continues to bring excellent music to the high desert.

The evening started with tours of Arcosanti, then wine and cheese in the Colly Garden before the concert.

This year Vadim Serebryany joined Sonya Kumiko Lee to play four handed classical piano works by Mozart, Debussy, Chopin and Brahms.

Sonya Lee has garnered a reputation amongst audiences as a pianist who plays in “the grand Romantic tradition, with flawless technique, a marvelous variety of colors, and exquisite phrasing.”  Ms. Lee has been touted as a cross-cultural ambassador of Classical music for students in other disciplines of the performing arts and has given numerous lectures and performances at New York University’s Drama Department.

Vadim Serebryany has been acclaimed by audiences and critics on five continents for his sensitive and intelligent music making.  In recent seasons Mr. Serebryany has embarked on many interesting and challenging projects, including performing the complete Beethoven sonatas for piano and violin, as well as presenting various solo and chamber works of the Second Viennese School composers in creative programs.

Dinner after the concert featured Soleri family favorites prepared by visiting chefs, Paolo and Colly’s daughter Kristine Soleri Timm, her husband Joel and their son Julian.

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