Under direction, workshop participants are mixing concrete, about 1.5 yards,  for the second level walkway of the energy apron.

[in the photo from left] Construction staff Jeff Buderer, workshop participants Rebecca Robinson from England, Marina Cogliani from Italy and Youngho Cho from Korea.

The very internationally diverse workshop, from seven different countries, had the opportunity to learn about the many steps involved in pouring concrete.

[in the photo from left] Workshop participants Youngho Cho from Korea, Eva Bauerle from Germany, Roberta Sassone from Italy, William Mazerat from France and construction staff Nathan Hodgson.

Here we can see some of the different steps, two people are distributing, a two-by-four is used to level  the concrete and one is screeding to smoothe the surface.

[in the photo from left] Workshoppers Rebecca Robinson from England, Eva Bauerle from Germany, Roberta Sassone from Italy, construction staff Nathan Hodgson and Marina Cogliani from Italy.

Construction volunteer Paolo Van Erp uses a magnesium float to finish the slab.

[photos & text: Nadia Begin, David Tollas]

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