This model of the pulse bridge was first built for the exhibition “Soleri’s Cities” at Scottsdale Center for the Arts in 1993. It was displayed for many years in the Crafts III cafe.
Architect Young Soo Kim restored the model for the upcoming exhibition at SMOCA – SCOTTSDALE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART.

Paolo Soleri conceived the ‘Pulse Bridge’ in 1988 for the New York cityscape. He designed it so as to alter its own stress configuration according to the traffic loads it carries and the temperature and wind variations. It does not so much react to such stresses as it dynamically adapts to them. This is achieved by suspending the whole structure on two sets of hinges and altering the weight distribution by way of four ballast spheres, constantly changing in weight because of the water volume they contain that is pouring in or spilling out of each. Temperature differential and wind loads will suggest asymmetrical ballast content.

The exhibition
opens to the public this Saturday, October 9. and will be on display until January 23. 2011.

Staff from Arthandlers wrapped the model for secure transportation.

The Pulse bridge model is one of three bridge models that will be on display. Also on view will be one of the metal bound sketchbooks, Soleri Sketchbook #3, covering drawings and notes from October 1961 until March 1964. There will also be a 40 page section of Soleri Sketchbook #10, pages 81 – 120, covering the time from October 1989 to January 1990. This contains some of the very first sketches for the Scottsdale bridge.

There will be bridge drawings and silk screens of bridges, as well as two bridge scrolls. One of the scrolls is from a collection of ‘folded’ scrolls and has not been shown in any previous exhibition. It is dated 1957, over 100 feet long, folded into 13 inch wide panels. Only some of the panels will be displayed in a 24 foot long case, but Soleri Archive photographer David DeGomez photographed and printed out the scroll in its entirety in a 5 inch wide strip displayed with the original scroll. The scroll has sketches of many bridges.

The exhibition will be in the Virginia Ullman Gallery at SMoCA.

This fall Soleri will complete his first built bridge at the Scottsdale Waterfront, commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art.
Bridges: Spanning the Ideas of Paolo Soleri will highlight a single important aspect of Soleri’s career as a means to understand his vision for creating livable, sustainable communities.
This exhibition of drawings, models and video documentation will provide a unique opportunity to see the mind, hand and beauty of one the world’s pioneers in bridging us to a more holistic and elegant future.

– December 11, 2010 – 11a – 2p – FREE – Scottsdale Waterfront.
Visit for details on an entire weekend of festivities:
December 10+11+12, 2010.

Bridges: Spanning the Ideas of Paolo Soleri is a collaborative exhibition organized by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale Public Art and the Cosanti Foundation.

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