A major source of income for Arcosanti is sales of ceramic windbells which are created on site.

After the bells are formed, decoration is carved into the surfaces of the bells. On occasion, the skilled ceramics workers teach a bell carving class for workshop participants.

On November 22, the current workshop was treated to a chance to carve their own bells. The class started with a tour of the ceramics apse workrooms to see recent carving.

Then it was time to pass out the aprons and gloves, knives and practice bells. Two bells were provided, one to practice on and a “final” for gifts or memories.

[photo- from left: current scholarship student Tony D’Archangel, an interested community member Matt Cornwell, workshop participant Maureen Connaughton and (obscured) Andrea Speed, also a workshop participant.]

The ceramics staff provided instruction and demonstration of the various cuts and techniques used, making it look easy.

Here we see the hands of Massimo Di Francesco, a workshop participant from Italy.

Concentration is required and Tony is paying close attention to carving his bell.

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