The opening and official dedication of the SOLERI BRIDGE AND PLAZA took place this last weekend on the Scottsdale Waterfront and all of it was spectacular.

Festivities started Friday morning with a group of VIP guests on an intimate tour of Arcosanti with an extended visit to the Soleri Archives.

Archive Director Tomiaki Tamura talked about Soleri’s prolific creativity and displayed several sketchbooks and scrolls.

The VIP reception for the bridge opening was scheduled from 5 pm to 7 pm and was very well attended.


[photo: YoungSoo Kim]

VESSEL performance  group, directed by Rachel Bowditch, was part of the scene Friday evening and Saturday for the public dedication.

The group moved in exquisite slow motion, drawing water from the canal, walking from the canal sidewalk onto the bridge ringing Soleri bells, bringing the little red buckets of water onto the bridge, walking about in two’s and three’s, becoming still sculptures in various places, very lovely.


[photo: Tomiaki Tamura]

Renowned classical pianist Sonya Lee, who has performed at Arcosanti many times, flew in from New York City to play at the reception.

We received so many gorgeous photos that this report will continue over many of the next postings.


[photo: YoungSoo Kim]

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