This continues our report of the opening and official dedication of the PAOLO SOLERI BRIDGE AND PLAZA.

A VIP reception was held Friday evening from 5-7 pm, December 10th.
The sky joined the festivities with an amazing sunset.
[photo: YoungSoo Kim]

Well over 500 people attended.

Speakers were Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Scottsdale Public Arts Program Director and Scottsdale Cultural Council Vice President Valerie Vadala Homer, Scottsdale Public Arts Project Manager for the Soleri Bridge and Plaza, Donna Isaac, and SMOCA Museum Director Tim Rodgers.
[photo: David DeGomez]

VESSEL performers under the Soleri Special Assembly. Vessel surprised and delighted with an atmospheric theater performance called Spectrum, a work created specifically for the bridge site and the opening.
[photo: Tomiaki Tamura]

The event continued into the night. The bridge is dramatically beautiful at all times of the day.
[photo: Tomiaki Tamura]

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