HAPPY HOLIDAYS to friends and family near and far.

[photo: David DeGomez & text: sue]

At Arcosanti, the first of many holiday parties was on December 16. The cafe was decorated in all kinds of wreaths and bows with lights and ribbons hanging off every available ledge or surface.

[photo: YoungSoo Kim & text: Anita Baker]

The menu for the holiday dinner was potluck appetizers, snacks and desserts with everyone’s favorite: Melanie’s Special Extra Cheesy Mac N Cheese,  green beans and salad bar. Beverages included champagne and Bambu’s handmade-homemade raspberry cider.  Paolo Soleri was in attendance passing out the holiday bonuses and gifts.

Here we see Paolo Soleri receiving a surprise as an elf looks on.

[photo: YoungSoo Kim & text: Anita Baker]

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