As we begin a New Year, many things come to mind, that we have been negligent or too busy to mention. Things such as the continued support that we receive from our alumni.

First of all we want to mention Rus Adams, who donated this painting.

Artist: Paula Wittner [Arcosanti alumna]
Oil on canvas, 1978

Commissioned by Rus Adams in 1977, this oil was completed in February 1978. It’s first exhibition, in the Fall of 1978, was at the Cafe at Arcosanti, later the Bakery. In 1986, Paula named and signed it. The paintings whereabouts was unknown to Rus and Paula from late 1986 until July 2008, when it was located at Drake Station Trading Company in Prescott. Rus re-acquired it, and in June 2009 donated it to the Cosanti Foundation in honor of Paolo Soleri’s 90th birthday.

Rus had the painting and frame restored and it now graces the cafe in the Crafts III building, here seen during the past Christmas party.

For more information on the painting see our reports from September 15. 2008 and December 29. 2008.

For more information on the art of Paula Wittner see our report on June 8. 2009.

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