To continue our report from January 5., here is more on the gracious continuing support of many alumni over the past years.

Rus Adams also brought a collection of posters to donate to the Soleri Archives at Arcosanti.

[photo: Soleri Archives photographer David DeGomez with Rus Adams]

[photo: Soleri Archives photographer David DeGomez and Soleri Archives Sue Kirsch with Rus Adams]

The posters are part of the “Two Suns Arcology” series, a set that was made for the 1976 “Two Suns Arcology” exhibition at the Xerox Square Exhibit Center in Rochester, NY.

And, best of all, we did not have one of the posters from Rus’s collection, so this was a very good gift that almost completed a set here in the Soleri Archives. [Now the only piece missing is a section of Urbis et Orbis Space Arcology].
Thank you very much, Rus.

Also, many Thanks from the Soleri Archives go especially to Caroline Goff for donating the files and slides from Skip Sagar after his passing.

Thank you to Charles Quinlan for a wonderful collection of Arcosanti materials and slides.

A big Thank you to Al Cohen for a wonderful collection of Arcosanti materials.

Many Thanks to Junzo Okada for his continued support over the years, the gorgeous photos he took during his many visits, as well his wonderful booklets of Cosanti Foundation events, now donated to the Soleri Archives.

Thank you for sharing your Cosanti and Arcosanti slide collections to:
Tony Brown
Michael Bittman
Linda Fournier
Terrance A. Glassman
Cheryl Kasdorf
Cyler Page
Marietta Strano
William Earll Tickell
Julia Trahair sent her slides all the way from England, thank you so much!
and Karen Taylor.
Karen Taylor shared a very large slide collection, and Karen, we still have not completed scanning all of it. Thank you for your patience.

Again, we very much appreciate all of the support. It helps us put together the multi-faceted story of Soleri’s work and of the support team that made much of it possible.

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