This is the continuing report about the 2011 Arcosanti Resident Art Show which opened February 5th. Residents and alumni will display their work for two months. Most of the work, including painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, fabric art,  jewelry and other media, is for sale.

Cliff Hersted presents sculpture of morphogenesis in bronze, stone, wood and aluminum.

Joseph Antonio Primo De Rivera-Ramos’s artwork explores the concepts of the Big Bang and the evolution of consciousness with paintings and ink drawings.

In addition to “Pearl,” the hand-crafted wooden kayak, David Hutchens has created large ceramics works: salt saggar fired baskets and vessels.

Maureen Connaughton uses patterns based on 18th century designs to create her colorful woven fabric art. She has set up a floor loom as part of the display, demonstrating the intricacy of the technical aspects involved.

All of the artists contributed so much interesting work, from traditional to avant-garde, that we will continue this report on Monday with more coverage of this important art event.

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