It was a beautiful and sunny day at Arcosanti as a new bride made her way down the staircase of West Housing with her father. The mountainous landscape accentuated the grandness of the procession of bridesmaids down to the Ceramics Apse, where the ceremony was held. The cyprus trees swayed in the calming breeze, and the wedding party sat expectantly around in a crescent. Children, wielding parapets to the bright sun, laughed and cried as the couple saw each other for the first time in wedding attire. 

The pastor recited the time-honored words of weddings past, and literally “tied the knot”, binding the new couple’s hands together with a white ribbon. The youngest bridesmaids looked on in excitement, clutching their decorative buckets in front of family and friends. 

The Ceramics Apse became the setting in which Ryan and Brooke Vink chose to affirm their commitment in marriage. The Apse shielded everybody from the sun and allowed a photographic outdoor setting at once.The area was decorated with plants and flowers native to the high desert, and olive trees cast dancing shadows upon the wedding.

After Ryan Vink had kissed his new wife, Brooke, the wedding party made their way to the Vaults, where elegant tables were set for action. A live band played alternative music as family and friends made animated conversation about the happy day unfolding around them. 


[photos and text: Logan Bier, workshop participant in Soleri Archives]





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