The Indian SpringFest of May 2011 began with an intelligent and original performance by William Eaton, playing guitars of his own design and construction. Eaton has collaborated with R. Carlos Nakai, receiving critical acclaim, including work on the GRAMMY® nominated Ancestral Voices for Best Traditional Folk Album in 1994. He is the Director of Roberto-Venn School, where he teaches students the art of making guitars.


[Photo: sue & Text: Logan Bier]

The Blue Dragon Belly Dance troupe were the next to grace the Vaults, with a sensuous tribal style performance. The troupe is directed by Andrea McShane Radoccia, who runs the Cedar Studio at Candlewood. Andrea studied with Fat Chance, Gypsy Caravan and others. 


[Photo: Blue Dragon Belly Dance troupe & Text: Logan Bier]

After a delicious Indian dinner in the Arcosanti café, festival attendees gathered in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater for a breathtaking performance by Sanchita Bhattacharya, a guru of Odissi dancing and The Cultural Ambassador of India to the United States of America. Sanchita introduced herself by describing the highly spiritual nature of the intricate body movements, foot work and facial expressions indispensable to her dancing. The New York Times has said of her work, “…her dance has been described as perfection,” (4 April ’02, Woodstock). Sanchita has performed at Madison Square Garden in New York, Esplanade Theater in Singapore, Hull in the UK, Provincial Museum in Alberta, Canada, Toledo, Spain and the temple Delhi in India among other prestigious international venues. 

[Photo: sue & Text: Logan Bier]

The night drew to a harmonic close with a performance by eminent Santoor artist Ranjeet Pathak. Ranjeet studied as a scholarship student at Sangeet Natak Academy, and was instructed by Santoor Maestro Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya in the tradition of guru-disiciple system. Ranjeet has since established himself as a prominent Indian artist, having been featured on All India Radio, Zee TV and Sahara TV. He received the “SUR MANI” award in 2004 from Sur Singar Samshad, and the “SANGEET RATAN” from Los Angeles, California. Ranjeet is intimately involved with the Nupur Dance Academy (NDA), USA.  


[Photo: sue & Text: Logan Bier]



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