The second day of the 13th annual Juneteenth Festival began with a lively performance by Shri, including members Lee Lozowick (vocals), Deborah Auletta (vocals), Doug Fulker (guitar & vocals), Franck Giambelluco (guitar), Nachama Greenwald (harmonica), Steve Ball (Hammond organ & electric piano), Tina Zuccarello (bass) and Zac Parker (drums). The band’s discography includes thirteen original albums, including their latest, Lucky Thirteen (2009).

[photo: sue & text: Logan Bier]

The Juneteenth festival drew to a close with a second, extended performance by Turner Jr. & Flavor, a reggae/funk band. [read more about this group at Daily Progress 2011/6/22 : /today/2011/06/22/1308759202172.html ]

A small crowd of enterprising dancers convened for the last performance of the festival event.

[photo & text: Logan Bier]

The crowd quickly grew more lively and energetic, making a wonderful finale for another very successful and fun weekend at Arcosanti.

Many thanks to all of the residents, volunteers, performers and musicians that made this event possible!

[photo & text: Logan Bier]

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