(continued from 11/27/2011) Nearly half a million volts of electricity are handled by a Flam Chen performer standing atop a Tesla coil. Here we see the lightning-like electrical discharge created by the coupled resonant electric circuits. 



[photo: YoungSoo Kim & text: Logan Bier]

Aerialist Aurelia performs with chains hanging through the center of the metal tower as Ensphere performs live music. 


[photo: Alfonso Elia & text: Logan Bier]

A slow-shutter photo of the fire spinning portion of the performance. 


[photo: Tomiaki Tamura & text: Logan Bier]

Dramatic fire explosions filled the vaults, and punctuated the beginning of the climax of the performance.


[photo: Tomiaki Tamura & text: Logan Bier] 

As one acquainted with futurism may see here, many parallels exist between Flam Chen’s ELECTROPOLIS and Fritz Lang’s groundbreaking masterpiece film Metropolis. Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist science-fiction film which comments on the relationship between an elite class of workers and their subterranean subordinates, with significant creative focus given to architecture, cities and robot-men. Read more about Metropolis here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolis_%28film%29


[photo: YoungSoo Kim & text: Logan Bier]

At the end of the show, fire flashed and smoke engulfed the Vaults in an enormously colorful and exciting conclusion to a highly original and one of a kind showcase of talent, technology and coordination.


[photo & text: Logan Bier]






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