This is the 18th year that the talented group of dancers from Flagstaff have graced the Colly Soleri Music Center. Human Nature Dance Theater comes every year for a week of rehearsals culminating in a performance on Saturday.

This years performance ONE WAS THE OTHER took place this past Saturday, 10/1/2011.

The goal of this years performance, from the Human Nature web-site:
Human Nature Dance Theatre returns to Arcosanti to work on fertile ground for exploration. Of course the future is always unknown, however, there are certain times, like the present, when the range of uncertainty feels larger than ever.

It is this moment that Human Nature Dance Theatre explored through dance, music, and voice.

The first thing we notice is that we have only our one unique perspective with which to understand the world. Therefore, our first drive is for relationship. It is in relationship that we recognise and understand ourselves.

This years performance combined the beauty and grace of dance with the drama of expressing the deep-seated anxiety of present day issues.

It was a beautiful performance, passionate, seamless and excellent.

Performers this year were Francis Martineau, Jayne Lee and Paul Moore.

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