We reported on expected road construction at the Cordes Junction Interchange on 8/12, 8/15 and 9/26/2011.

The following photos were taken last Friday, October 7. 2011.

Here we have just crossed Highway 17 and are heading on Highway 69 towards Prescott. On the left side of the road we can see major new landscaping in preparation.

Here is a closer look. Also note the concrete barriers that have been put up to change this side of Hwy 69 to one-way. Massive amounts of these concrete blocks were delivered last week, amounting to about three miles of barrier.

An even closer look shows the extent of work.

Coming back to the Hwy 17 interchange we can see the little MacDonalds arch for orientation and major earthwork on our right.

And further right photographed from the same spot.

More to come as work progresses.

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