Paolo Soleri and new Cosanti Foundation Director Jeff Stein are visiting with Different Skies.

Different Skies, the annual festival of electronic and experimental music that has attained worldwide fame in the eight years since its inception, returns to its spiritual home at Arcosanti’s Colly Soleri Music Center for its nineth outing—Different Skies 2011.

This year’s festival under the stars in the Music Center’s superb Amphitheatre promises to be the best yet, and tickets are selling fast to previous years’ attendees eager to re-experience this amazing festival.

A celebration of immersive, beautiful, and surprising music unlike any other, Different Skies defies all boundaries and classifications in its unique approach to music creation and performance. Unlike conventional music festivals, which feature multiple acts that come together only long enough to perform their music separately on the same stage throughout an evening, Different Skies is a celebration of the electronic music community that breaks down barriers and builds entirely new music groups from its many famous members.


“At a conventional festival, you might hear famous space music acts like SPACECRAFT, Una Voce, Desert Mystic, and Ozone Player, all performing their usual music,” explains Allen Goodman, Coordinator of Different Skies.

“But only at Different Skies would you hear Rus Foster of Una Voce playing drums along with Giles Reaves of SPACECRAFT, with Ozone Player’s Otso Pakarinen on lead guitar. And that’s only one of many different combinations of talents that can make up a Different Skies festival in any given year!”

The participants in Different Skies come together in the beautiful and inspiring setting of Arcosanti one week before the show, and spend a week composing and rehearsing the music the audience will hear.

With very few exceptions, everything performed at the concert will have sprung into being from the many different ways in which the 9 participants in the show can share their ideas, and will be unique presentations never before heard or dreamed of!

This year’s performance roster includes world-famous space musician Giles Reaves of Salt Lake City, Dave Fulton and John Duval of Oregon, Experimental musician Jonathan Mills from Bloomington, Indiana, Otso Pakarinen from Helsinki, andBay Area artist Tim Walters. Local ambient artists John Krikawa of Tucson’s Parity Flux, Allen Goodman of Phoenix’s Desert Mystic, and Russell Foster of Tempe’s Una Voce will lend their talents to the mix as well.

The team will be led by Allen Goodman, the assistant mad scientist responsible for the coordination of Different Skies and other live broadcast events in the electronic music world such as live concerts on Ambitar Radio.

The concert on Saturday, 10/15/2011, will be presented in high-quality audio and will feature interactive visual synthesis to accompany the music on the Colly Soleri Music Center’s overhead projection screen.

The festival will be preceded by a fine dinner served in the Arcosanti Café at 6 pm, with an optional tour of the Arcosanti site at 5 pm. As in the seven years leading up to this outing, it promises to be a magical evening under Different Skies.

$20 for the Concert only (students $10.00) and $40 for Dinner and Concert.
Ticket information, reservations (necessary for dinner), and directions can be found on our homepage or call 1-928-632-6217.

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