On July 6. 2011 we posted a plea for help to raise funds for the purchase of a much-needed video camcorder to document the ongoing progress of the world’s first prototype arcology.

Due to the breakdown of older equipment, we were unable to document motion video on digital and tape mediums.

Having consulted a number of videographers and archival professionals, we decided on a Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV Professional Camcorder. This camera has the ability to record directly to both tape and digital media, providing a perfect archival solution for the long-term preservation of Arcosanti’s historic progress.

We were finally able to buy this new camera with generous donations from our alumni. Thank you so very much!! Awesome!

With the new camera we are back in business, recording Paolo Soleri’s School of Thought each week, and the important and exciting events at Arcosanti, including music festivals, guest speakers, classes, lectures and construction projects to preserve in the Paolo Soleri Archives. THANK YOU for your generous support to buy this camera.

If you would like to continue to support the work of the Soleri Archives, your donations will be greatly appreciated.

You can send a check, made out to COSANTI FOUNDATION, at HC 74, Box 4136, Mayer, AZ, 86333 or make your donation through PayPal at the button below. Thank you!

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