On October 5. 2011, Arcosanti residents Matteo DiMichele and YoungSoo Kim visited the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to present the Arcology Theory as part of the ongoing evening lectures series hosted at the Harry Reid Center.


[photos by alumnus Alfonso Elia & text by Matteo DiMichele]

The lecture was called “Renaissance in the Desert: Paolo Soleri’s Arcology” and included an overview of Paolo Soleri’s main architectural projects, the Lean Alternative and the urban laboratory of Arcosanti.

The lecture was fallowed by Q&A session, which promoted an interesting debate on the negative effects of urban sprawl and hyper-consumption and on the possible application of the Arcology theory to cities such as Las Vegas.

Matteo DiMichele, Yangosoo Kim and UNLV Professor Giuseppe Natale, who invited Matteo and Youngsoo to present Paolo Soleri’s work in this lecture series.

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