The Different Skies performers take a break from practicing for a group photo. In the back row, starting on the left is Tim Walters [bass & manta], Jonathan Mills [microkeyboard & stylus pad], Otso Pakarinen [keyboard & guitar], John DuVal [guitar], John Krikawa [keyboard], Russell Foster [drums & video], and Dave Fulton [keyboard]. In the front is Giles Reaves [keyboard & drums] and Allen Goodman [guitar & keyboard].

New Cosanti Foundation Director Jeff Stein was the host of the night. As part of a warm welcome to the audience he shared some of the history and context behind the Different Skies Festival.

This year’s smooth operator was Allen Goodman. He took the reins of coordinating the different musicians before their arrival at Arcosanti and continued to keep things in order during the concert from center stage.


More on Different Skies to come…

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