First, our best wishes for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to family and friends near and far!!

This continues our report about David DeGomez, the large format art photography specialist in the Soleri Archives at Arcosanti.

David welded together a stand for another custom built rig to hold in place drawings to be photographed. Note the half moon circles at the top of each a-frame.

[photos: Sue]

He fastened the corresponding metal frame to a very sturdy laminated board.

Here we can see the completed photo table in place. The metal frame allows David to adjust the table to any angle desired.

Also note on top of the table is a movable sheet of metal, protected by paper. This allows for a drawing to be kept in place with magnets, then moved along for multiple photos.

Here we can see the table in an upright position. This replaces a very heavy and cumbersome previous set-up.

The Soleri Archives are very fortunate to have a photographer that is inventive, constantly improving his set-up, and dedicated to the highest quality of photography.


[also in the photos is workshop participant Will Redwine].

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