We last reported on road construction at the Cordes Junction Interchange on 8/12, 8/15, 9/26, 10/10 and 10/24, also a segment of Paolo Soleri’s visit with ADOT, posted on November 4. 2011

The following photos were taken last Friday, November 25. 2011.

When we go back to the last roadwork posting on October 24. we can see concrete construction of a long retaining wall next to a newly carved road. The view is  approaching Interstate 17, see the Highway signs in front of us.

In just a few weeks, street lights have been installed into the retaining wall. The road has been paved and was opened several weeks ago as a new access road to the south lane of Highway 17, toward Phoenix.  For orientation, we can just see the red roof of old Papa’s Place Restaurant on our right.

Turning 180 degrees we look toward the hill construction, first described on 10/10, and see the beginning of the access road, as well as a new road right next to the house on the hill, which was paved.

Now we are on top of this same hill looking back towards Cordes Junction to get a better view of the new entrance to the freeway. On the very left is Highway 69, then the freeway entrance towards Phoenix and right infront of us another new road leading right up to Papa’s Place Restaurant.

Here is a closer view of the amazing amount of work that has been done in such a short time.

Much work is happening also directly on Highway 17, the sides of the freeway and the median. We will have updates in an upcoming report.

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