Not unusual, this past week was a busy one all around. Here are just some of the highlights.

Landscaping manager Ron Chandler and his crew worked on re-sanding and re-sealing all of the woodwork in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater.

They also removed the lowest step in front of the Ceramics Apse and poured a ground panel in it’s place. This is the first part in bringing this set of steps up to present code.

President Jeff Stein guest lectured at NAU Northern Arizona University on Tuesday, to students of biology. His speaking engagement was part of a series on Global Sustainability, initiated by Dr. Stefan Sommer, Director of the Colorado Plateau Biodiversity Center.

We had a visit from a group of 24 high school students and 4 staff members from Monterey. They arrived Tuesday evening, toured and worked all of Wednesday and left Thursday morning.

On Wednesday two film makers from

Also on Thursday a group of 14 students from ECOSA
visited. The Ecosa Institute, located in Prescott, Arizona and
afiliated with Prescott College, was founded in 1996 by Arcosanti
alumnus Tony Brown. His dedication to issues of sustainability and
ecological design developed after joining Paolo Soleri’s Cosanti
Foundation where he worked for thirteen years on conceptual designs for a
new vision of urban settlements. He worked with Soleri as architect in
residence supervising both design and construction.

[photo: School of Thought on 12/1/2011, from left are Tony Brown, Paolo Soleri, Mary Hoadley and Jeff Stein] [photos: Sue]

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