The Maintenance crew is working on the cafe level in the Crafts III building. Here we see maintenance manager Randall Schultz and crew Dan Thompson preparing  the winter season ‘heatsock’.


[photos by Andrea Speed]

Note the crossbar mounted to the top of this very long tube of canvas. This crossbar holds a fan.

Brent Scott, harnessed for safety, is operating the winch that pulls the heat sock up to locate it center under the skylight.

Randall and Dan insert a hoolahoop into the bottom of the sock, so it will keep its shape.

The idea is that the fan is located right under the skylight where all
the [rising] warm air collects. This fan gently pushes the warm air down
into the heat sock and the warmth distributes into the cafe.

But there seems to be a mistake. ‘Oh NO’, the fan is working the wrong way and it’s pulling Randall up and away. YIKES!


[photos by Andrea Speed]

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