Just incase you have not been able to find the perfect Christmas present, there is a gorgeous collection of COSANTI ORIGINAL items waiting for you at the Arcosanti and the Cosanti gallery.

Every piece of the COSANTI ORIGINALS collection of bronze and ceramic bells and sculptures is designed by Paolo Soleri and embellished  by skilled artisans in sympathy with his compositional standards.

Also available is a beautiful, hand carved, selection of tiles.

The spirit of the Cause Bell is depicted in the special links designed by Soleri. Each link represents an issue of either national or global concern. Individuals and organizaions can share the spirit of these ideas and give a helping hand by RINGING A BELL FOR A CAUSE.

For every bell purchased from the Cause Bell collection, the customer may choose to donate $16 of the retail price to one of the several benefiting organizations including the Cosanti Foundation.


[photos by Sue]

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